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SculptureTour Salina has partnered with the Greater Salina Community Foundation to make

donating online easy! Click on the link below to make a credit card or electronic check donation

to our fund at the Greater Salina Community Foundation.

Your online contribution will be processed on the Network For Good website, but will be applied directly to the fund of your choice here at GSCF. Your donation is safe, secure, and private, and will support the issues and causes you care about most.

Follow the instructions below. When you click the Network for Good link, you will be directed to their website for your online donation.

Donate Now through Network for Good

Instructions for Online Giving

  • The first step is to determine your contribution. The minimum donation amount for credit card payments is $10.00 . The minimum donation amount for online checks is $200.00.
  • Next, decide if this is a one-time gift, or you can send gifts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • You can choose to be recognized for your gift or you can give anonymously.
  • In the "Designation" field, list the fund that you are donating to. Our fund is aptly titled "Sculpture Tour Salina"
  • In the "Dedication or Gift" field, please list the person(s) you wish to recognize, if any. You will be able to send a personalized e-mail card to the person you are recognizing, if you choose.
  • Finally, select "Add to Giving Cart" - this will take you to your shopping cart.
    In your shopping cart, you have the option of adding another donation to different fund, or proceeding to checkout.
  • If you "Add Another Donation," you will need to search for GSCF, using only Foundation, Salina and Kansas, and then follow the above steps to designate your gift.
  • If you "Proceed to Checkout," you will be required to sign-in. If you are a new customer, enter your e-mail address and password and select "Continue."
  • If your total donation is less than $200.00, you will be able to pay by PayPal or by Credit Card. If your total donation is more than $200.00, you will be able to pay by PayPal, Credit Card and Online Check. Choose your option and select "Continue."
  • If you pay with "PayPal," you will be required to enter your login information for PayPal and complete your transaction. If you pay with "Credit Card," you will be required to enter your credit card information. If you pay by "Online Check," you will be required to enter your bank routing number and your account number, both of which can be found on your checks, as well as your driver's license number.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You can make an optional contribution to GuideStar for providing this service. If you do not want to make the suggested contribution, you will need to UNCHECK the box.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are fees for using Network for Good. You can add the processing fee to your donation so that 100% of your donation comes to us, or you can subtract the processing fee from your donation. It's your option. Then select "Continue." (The fee for credit cards is 4.75%. The fee for online checks is $10.00 per transaction. For donations over $200.00, we recommend you use an online check.)
  • On the next screen, you can review your donations. If the information listed is correct, click on "Complete Donation." Otherwise make the necessary changes.
    If you have made the gift in honor of another person, you can choose to send an e-card. There are holiday, sympathy, birthday and general cards to send. You can also send a personal message.
  • You can also view your personal online donation history.
  • Please contact The Greater Salina Community Foundation at (785)823-1800 or at community foundation@gscf.org if you have any questions, or need assistance with this process.

Thank you for donating to SculptureTour Salina, We appreciate your support! Also, thank you to the Greater Salina Community Foundation for the service that they provide.

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