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2013 Sculptures                  Click on any photo below for additional information about that sculpture and artist.



1. Mongo                                2.  In The Beginning                 3.  First Kiss                         4.  Lucky Duck

    by Rollin Karg                          by Dan Toone                          by Greg Todd                       by Marianne Caroselli


5. Play With Me                       6.  The Gardener                     7. Joy of the Dance                8.  Inquisitive Eagle

    by Felix Velez                            by Julie Jones Denkers             by D. E. McDermott            by Gregory Johnson


9. Midnight Serenade Pose II     10.  Radiance                          11. Poco a Poco Se Va Lelos  12. Header

   by Pokey Park                            by Gregory Johnson                 by Pokey Park                        by Gregory Johnson


13. Farmer's Moon                 14. Conversations                  15.  Untitled Vessel                     16. Ominous Tower

      by Reven Marie Swanson        by Glenn Zweygardt                 by Conrad Snider                       by Don Osborn


17.  Farmer                              18. Natural Wonders               19. Isis Revisited                      20. Caetano

       by Lawrence Starck              by Michele "Moushy" Dale         by Glenn Zweygardt                 by Rollin Karg


21. High Hopes II                     22. Hop To It!                        23.  Hugs'n Kittens                    24. Tropical Encounter

      by Georgene McGonagle           by Kim Shaklee                       by Greg Todd                           by Glenn Zweygardt


25. Icarus                                22. A Look Within

      by Davide Prete                       by Dan Toone

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